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September here in the northeast, brings the beginning of the beautiful fall foliage that we are known for; but it can also bring weather that is no different than the hot and humid days we experience during the summer months. This weekend proved to be more like mid-July than mid-September. When we pulled into the pits early Saturday morning, the sky was cloudy and the air was thick with humidity. In no time at all, we had 18 club members unloading their cars and getting ready for the first round of qualifying. After the first round was complete, the best reaction times in reverse order were as follows: Wayne Beach had a .059 light; and David Grubb posted an .053 reaction time. Gregg Grubel cut a .025 light; and Kevin Lynch upped Gregg by 2 thousandths with his .023 reaction time. The driver with the best reaction time drives a ’60 Falcon known as the “Verminator”. Pat Kelly cut an almost perfect light with his .003 RT. It was a few hours before we got called back into the lanes for our second round of qualifying. After this round was finished; the reaction times looked like this: Clayt Deming posted a .059 light; and Don Lord cut an .037 reaction time. The third best time belonged to Mike Alessi’s .034 light; and Ray Bruno had the second best light with his .018. Bruce Deming, in his ’41 Willys “Rattle Trap” coupe, had the best reaction time for both rounds with his .002 light.








220 Tommy Magers
218 Rob Carson
210 Wayne Beach
178 Steve Tanzella
174 Clayt Deming
168 Bill Magliane
162 Bruce Deming
160 David Grubb
136 Ron Carson
132 Mark Fenze
130 Denny Stewart
120 Kevin Lynch
110 Gregg Grubel
110 Scott Hasko
100 Cricket Clonch
94 Jim Wheeler
80 Ray Bruno
74 Pat Kelly
74 Don Lord
70 Carly Boyer
40 Dave Fenzel
40 John Labuda
40 Mike Alessi




Our club was called into the staging lanes for the first round of eliminations just before 2 PM. By now, the sun had moved the temperature up into the mid-80’s and the dew point was somewhere north of 65 degrees. Needless to say, this was not the best of conditions for the drivers or their engines. The first pair of cars to make their way into the water boxes were a couple of 9 second cars. Denny Stewart, driving his ’48 Anglia dialed a 9.34; and his opponent, Gregg Grubel, put a 9.78 on the window of his ’51 Chevy. When Gregg got the go signal, he cut an excellent .007 light; and when Denny got the green light; his RT was only a .136. It would be hard for Denny to catch and drive around Gregg; and the results at the far end showed that. Gregg not only had a great reaction time; but he also ran right on his number; running a 9.78 with a 6 @ 127 mph; while Denny was giving it everything he had; running under his dial with a 9.30 @ 141 mph. Up next came Pat Kelly and Billy Magliane. Pat put a 10.69 up on the window of his “Verminator” Falcon; while Bill was showing a 10.78 on the side of his “Mister C Gas” Chevy sedan. Bill got the go signal first and he was off on a .024 light; and Pat’s .127 reaction time, may have opened the door for Bill.

Down at the money end of the track, Pat took the race with his 10.71 @ 121 mph; while Bill’s great light went for naught; as he ran under his dial with a 10.74 @ 117 mph. Following Pat and Bill came Tommy Magers and Don Lord. Tommy has been doing very well this year and he decided to dial a 10.76 for his beautiful green ’37 Ford coupe; and his opponent, Don Lord put a 10.50 on the window of his sleek ’41 Willys coupe. Don usually comes down from Maine for this race and he brings his ’37 Willys sedan; but that car suffered some engine problems a few weeks ago; so Don has switched over to his Willys coupe. It must be nice to have not one Willys; but two in your garage. Anyhow, Tommy was given the green light first and he left the starting line on a .114 light. Don was quicker with his .078 reaction time; and he took the win; running a 10.53 @ 125 mph; while Tommy actually ran under his dial with a 10.73 @ 122 mph. The fourth pair of gassers to move through the water boxes and head toward the starting line were Steve Tanzella and Kevin Lynch. Steve dialed a 10.15 for his supercharged ’56 Chevy; and Kevin dialed a 10.40 for his “Prime Suspect” Chevy Nova. When Kevin got the go signal, his light was not that great (.267); and Steve took advantage of that slow reaction time; cutting an .040 light on the green bulb. Down track, Steve pulled out the win; running a 10.19 @ 121 mph; while Kevin ran close to his dial with a 10.43 @ 125 mph. Once again, the starting line reaction times can dictate who wins the race. Next up were Pete Boyer in his “Untouchable” ’39 Chevy sedan (11.24 dial); and Ray Bruno driving his “Sidewinder” ’57 Chevy (12.99 dial). Ray had a nice .031 reaction time; while Pete left on a .063 light. Watching the lane boards, we saw the win arrow go to Pete’s lane; as he ran an 11.52 @ 98 mph; while Ray had some trouble; only able to run a 13.44 @ 101 mph. Pete obviously had Ray covered and he got out of the gas early. We’ve still have eight cars left in this round of competition and the next pair of gassers consisted of two members of the Deming family. Bruce Deming posted a 10.86 on the window of his ’41 Willys coupe; while Bruce’s nephew Clayt figured his ’64 Falcon would run an 11.25. When Clayt got the go signal, he cut a .133 light and when Bruce launched his Willys; he was somewhat quicker than Clayt with his .098 light. At the far end of the strip, Bruce scored a win, running a 10.89 @ 123 mph; while Clayt ran under his dial with an 11.23 @ 116 mph. Following Bruce and Clayt came David and Goliath. Cricket Clonch would take on David Grubb. Cricket was showing a 12.40 on the window of his “Dandy Mart” ’57 Chevy; and Grubby posted a 9.85 on his pearl green ’41 Willys coupe. So, Cricket would leave about two and a half seconds before Grubby. Cricket’s light was only a .114; while David’s was a much quicker at .042. All David had to do was catch and pass Cricket; and he managed to do that; but in doing so, he broke out by a bunch; running a 9.74 @ 119 mph. Even though Grubby got out of it; he still ran too fast; and he handed the race over to Cricket; who ran a 13.07 @ 100 mph. Up next was Mike Alessi in his jet black ’57 Corvette (10.00 dial) and John Schreiner driving his “Good Vibrations” ’48 Anglia (10.65 Dial). John left the starting line with a .123 RT; but Mike was better with a .067 light. Down at the finish line, we had a double break out situation; with Mike running under with a quick 9.93 @ 133 mph; against John’s 10.47 @ 125 mph. Since John ran more under his dial-in than Mike, the Chrondek timing system awarded the victory to Mike.

Even though he lost, John felt he had a good day. He steadily improved his performance from his two qualifying rounds and this first round of eliminations. It was good to see John back out running with the club. The final pair for the round had Wayne Beach in his ’55 Chevy (11.00 dial) against “Mr. Wheelstand” himself, Steve Vallieres (9.95 dial). If you ever have the chance to see Steve leave the starting line, please do; it’s something to behold. When the nose of his Chevy is at its steepest angle, it seems as if you could walk under the front wheels of the car. How his front end can continue to take the constant pounding, is one for the chassis experts. Wayne left the starting line with an .089 light; but Steve wanted to catch Wayne in the worst way and he left too soon, turning on the red bulb (-.020 red); giving an easy win to Wayne; who ran under his dial with a 10.98 @ 118 mph; against Steve’s losing 10.07 @ 136 mph. That completes the first round of competition; so let’s take a coffee break. I’ll see you back here in 10 minutes.


We are now down to nine cars; and the first pair to clean off their slicks and advance toward the starting line were Steve Tanzella and Wayne Beach. Steve dialed a 10.15 for his silver blue ’56 Chevy; while Wayne put up a 10.98 on the window of his black primered ’55 Chevy. When Wayne’s lane went green, he had a .079 light; but when Steve’s lane showed all green; his reaction time was just perfect, a .000!! Down at the far end of the track, Wayne crossed the finish line running on his dial with a 10.98 and a 2 @ 116 mph. Now that is pretty close to a perfect run; but Steve again was just as perfect at the far end of the track as he was on the starting line. He ran a 9.15 flat @ 128 mph. I’m not sure how often this happens; but Steve went into the record books with this one. Steve had a perfect light on the starting line; and he ran his number at the finish line. NICE DRIVING STEVE!!! Following that fantastic run, came Bruce Deming and Pete Boyer. Pete dialed an 11.24 for his “Untouchable” ’39 Chevy; and Bruce had a 10.86 on the window of his “Rattle Trap” ’41 Willys. Pete had a .109 reaction time and Bruce a .071 light. Down strip, Bruce snagged the victory; running a 10.90 @ 115 mph; and Pete crossed the line with an 11.29 @ 115 mph. Cricket Clonch and Mike Alessi were the next two cars to move into the water boxes. Cricket dialed another 12.40 and Mike put a 10.00 flat on his window. Cricket would have a nice head start in this race; and when his lane went green; he cut a quick .019 light. When Mike’s lane said go, he also had a very nice light (.035); but could Mike run down Cricket before the finish line? Mike got there alright; but he broke out; running a 9.94 @ 119 mph; and Cricket ran close to his dial with a 12.43 @ 106 mph. Following that race we had Pat Kelly (10.70 dial) and Don Lord (10.52 dial). Pat’s “Verminator” Falcon would leave first; but before his lane went green; he left the line and lit the red bulb (-.010); giving the race to Don’s “Bad Timing” Willys. Pat ran a 10.69 @ 122 mph; to Don’s 10.50 @ 126 mph. Both drivers broke out; but Pat’s red light sealed the deal for Don. The final run was a solo shot by Gregg Grubel and his ’51 Chevy known as “Class Reunion”. Gregg dialed a 9.76 and he was on the gas, running a 9.73 @ 136 mph. The second round was now complete.


The field has been narrowed down to 5 cars; and Steve Tanzella was awarded the bye run by virtue of his previous round reaction time. The first two cars moving toward the starting line were Cricket Clonch (12.36 dial) and Bruce Deming (10.78 dial). Cricket’s ’57 Chevy “Dandy Mart” special moved into position and Bruce’s “Rattle Trap” Willys coupe also moved in and lit both staging bulbs. Cricket had a horrible .305 light; but Bruce could not wait till his lane went green and he lit that ugly red bulb with a -.087 light. To make matters worse; Bruce ran under his number with a 10.64 @ 123 mph; against Cricket’s 12.43 @ 107 mph. The other pair in this round found Don Lord running Gregg Grubel. Don dialed a 10.50 and Gregg a 9.71. Don left the line with a .140 light; but Gregg was slower on the tree; cutting a .209 light. Down track, Don’s “Bad Timing” ’41 Willys coupe ran a 10.52 @ 126 mph; while Gregg’s “Class Reunion” ran close to his number with a 9.72 @ 136 mph. The starting line dictated this one. Steve Tanzella’s single was 10.14 @ 129 mph on his 10.13 dial. Steve is on his game and he is consistent!!


Three gassers moved into the staging lanes for this round of competition. Steve Tanzella would run Cricket Clonch and Don Lord would get a bye run. Cricket’s dial was a 12.42 and Steve’s a 10.14. As both cars cleaned off their slicks and inched toward the starting line, our eyes were fixed on both cars, wondering who would win the round and move into the final round. Cricket left on a great .028 light; but Steve was on his game again; and when his lane went green, he blistered the tree with a .008 reaction time. Down track, Steve’s Chevy caught Cricket, passed him and got out of the gas; running a 10.28 @ 112 mph; versus Cricket’s losing 13.21 @ 100 mph. Don Lord’s single pass was a 10.53 @ 126 mph on a 10.50 dial. The stage was set for the final round.


Well, it’s late in the afternoon and our original field of 18 cars has been reduced to only two. In the left lane we had Don Lord’s purple “Bad Timing” ‘41 Willys coupe (10.53 dial); and in the right lane Steve Tanzella moved his silver blue ’56 Chevy into position (10.14 dial). As the yellows clicked downward, it was either driver’s race; and the starting line could be the deciding factor. When Don’s lane went green, he opened the door for Steve with his .168 reaction time. Steve took advantage of the opening with a .005 light. Don ran under his dial with a 10.50 @ 127 mph; and Steve was once again on his game; touring the quarter mile with a 10.15 and a 5 @ 124 mph. Steve was on his game all day; and he systematically maneuvered his way through 5 rounds of great racing, to earn a well-deserved victory. Great job Steve!! We had a great day of racing this Saturday afternoon; and tomorrow the cars will gather again to do battle on the second day of competition here at the Dover Reunion. Will Steve Tanzella be able to repeat his victory; or will any one of the other gassers take charge and run the field as Steve did today? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s results.





Sunday morning, the weather was pretty much the same as it had been on Saturday. There were plenty of low hanging clouds, some mist and tons of moisture in the air; but it looked as though we would be able to get the show in. Today, our guys would only have one qualifying run to dial their cars in; as the car count for this event ran close to 300 cars. After yesterday’s racing, John Schreiner and Pat Kelly had to leave for other commitments; and this morning, Cricket Clonch decided to head home as well; because his car was just not running right. This reduced our car count to 15; but much to our surprise, the Carson brothers; who made the long tow after racing Saturday at Englishtown; and Jim Wheeler were now in the pits. So, we were now back to 18 cars. Once our qualification round was complete; the top five reaction times were as follows. The fifth best RT belonged to David Grubb with a .046; followed by Pete Boyer with a .042 light. The third best time was had by Gregg Grubel with his .040 RT; and just a tick ahead of Gregg came Kevin Lynch with his .038 light. The best reaction time for this round belonged to yesterday’s runner-up Don Lord; who recorded an .029 light to snag 4 extra points. Remember, that today was a double points day!


It was after 2 in the afternoon when our club was called into the staging lanes for the first round of eliminations. The first pair of cars to move into the water boxes were Don Lord (10.53 dial) and the 2015 point champ Clayt Deming (11.20 dial). When Clayt’s lane went green, he cut a great .019 light; and when Don received the go signal; his .094 light gave Clayt a huge advantage. Down at the far end of the track, Clayt ran very close to his dial with an 11.21 @ 116 mph; against Don’s perfect 10.53 with a 0 @ 126 mph. Don lost this one on the starting line. The second pair of gassers consisted of Ray Bruno and David Grubb. Ray dialed a 12.99 for his “Sidewinder” Chevy and Grubby put up a 9.64 on his Willys coupe. As the yellows clicked downward in both lanes; Ray was just too eager to head down track; and he lit the red bulb (-.022); giving the race to Grubby. Ray ran a 13.50 @ 101 mph; while David ran a 9.76 @ 120 mph. After the race, I spoke to Ray; and he knows that he’s got a problem somewhere in the engine; but he’s not sure where it is. Up next came Wayne Beach and Denny Stewart. Wayne towed for over 8 hours from western PA. to compete in this event; and he put a 10.97 on his ’55 Chevy sedan; while Denny had a 9.31 on his ’48 Anglia. Denny and Bill Magliane have been working on the suspension setup of the Anglia; trying to get the new power the car has to the ground and making it go straight. When Wayne’s lane went green, he left on a .063 light; but Denny could not wait; and he went red (-.019); giving Wayne the victory. Denny did not get out of the throttle after he went red; running a 9.28 @ 141 mph; versus Wayne’s 10.96 @ 118 mph. Yes, Wayne ran under his dial and was fortunate that Denny red lit. Next up were yesterday’s winner, Steve Tanzella (10.14 dial) and Bruce Deming (10.85 dial). Steve has been very consistent with his blown, big block ’56 Chevy sedan; and Bruce’s new ’41 Willys coupe, known as “Rattle Trap”; has been running better and better each race. When Bruce’s lane showed green, his reaction time was not his best effort (0.278); but Steve’s was much better with his .067 light.

Watching the far end of the track; we saw Steve’s lane get the win light. He ran a 10.18 @ 122 mph; versus Bruce’s break out 10.78 @ 123 mph. After that race, two injected gassers moved into the water boxes. Mike Alessi’s injected small block Corvette (10.04 dial) would take on Gregg Grubel’s injected big block Olds powered Chevy (9.69 dial). This was going to be a good race. When Mike’s lane lit the green bulb, he left the line on a .047 light; while Gregg’s light was a few thousandths quicker with his .042 reaction time. Looking down track, we saw the win arrow point to the nose high ’51 Chevy. Gregg ran a 9.78 @ 135 mph; versus Mike’s break out 10.02 @ 126 mph.

We still had 8 cars left in the staging lanes; and the next pair to approach the Christmas tree were Pete Boyer (11.24 dial) and Jim Wheeler (11.50 dial). Jim would get the go signal first and when he did; his super bright orange Nova left on a .279 light; but when Pete’s lane went green, his reaction time (.212) was better than Jim’s; but it left the door open for Jim if he could run his number. Well, both drivers were not too far from their respective dial-in’s; but Pete eeked out the win; running an 11.28 @ 115 mph; versus Jim’s 11.53 @ 112 mph. Following that race we had Tommy Magers in his beautiful pearl green ’37 Ford coupe (10.60 dial); versus Bill Magliane at the helm of the ’37 Chevy known as “Mister C Gas” (10.84 dial). When Bill’s lane went green, he had a wicked .012 reaction time; and Tommy could only muster an .090 light in his “Destresser” Ford. Even though Billy’s light was much quicker than Tommy’s; he ran under his number with a 10.83 and a 5 @ 102 mph; against Tommy’s 10.69 @ 125 mph. Bill got out of the gas; but he just missed his dial by 5 thousandths of a second!! Up next we had Steve Vallieres and Kevin Lynch. Steve dialed a 9.93 for his super clean ’55 Chevy; and Kevin posted a 10.40 for his “Prime Suspect” Chevy Nova. Kevin knew he had to get out on Steve on the starting line; but his adrenaline pushed the throttle too soon and Kevin’s lane went red (-.071); handing the easy win to Steve. In his valiant effort, Kevin ran a 10.45 @ 125 mph; against Steve’s 10.87 @ 130 mph. The final pair of cars to head toward the water boxes were the Carson brothers. I think Rob and Ron only had to run each other once in all of the past races that we attended; but today, they had to do it again. Ron has been having some ignition problems and he purchased a new distributor, but the distributor housing would not fit into his motor; but Ron did not give up. He eventually got the car back together; and he did make it to the starting line; dialing a 9.40 for his “Rigormortis” Ford; while brother Rob put up a 10.44 on the window of his “Pure Hell Jr. Chevy sedan. Rob left the line on a .279 light; but when Ron got the green bulb; he cut a quick .008 light. We all figured that Ron would catch and pass Rob before the finish line; but Ron had troubles; and he only ran a 10.70 @ 88 mph; versus Rob’s winning 10.62 @ 109 mph. Rob would move on.


Our cars were called back into the staging lanes after 2 PM; and the weather conditions were hot and humid. Since we have nine cars remaining in competition; one driver would get a bye run. First, let’s see how the remaining drivers did in this round. The first two cars in line were a pair of Chevy sedans. Wayne Beach was driving his flat black ’55 (10.96 dial); and Steve Tanzella was at the helm of his silver blue ’56 (10.14 dial).

After both cars were staged, the yellow bulbs clicked downward on their way to the green light. When Wayne’s lane went green; he left on a .031 light; but Steve was slower on the tree with his .079 reaction time. With Wayne’s good light, if he could run his number; he should be able to grab the victory. Funny how a race unfolds; but drivers ran under their respective dials; and Steve captured the victory; running a 10.12 with a 0 @ 130 mph; while Wayne ran a 10.89 with a 0 @ 118 mph. Wayne was under his dial by 7 hundredths; but Steve was only 2 hundredths under; the win goes to Steve. The next pair of gassers saw two old friends running against each other. Pete Boyer’s “Untouchable” ’39 Chevy sedan (11.24 dial); would face off against Gregg Grubel’s “Class Reunion” ’51 Chevy (9.75 dial). When Pete hit the gas, he had a nice .047 reaction time; but the sun must have been in Gregg’s eyes; because he left way too early on a -.337 light. Speaking with Gregg after the race; he confirmed the fact that all he could see was the two yellow staging bulbs. Pete ran on his number with an 11.24 with a 4 @ 116 mph; while Gregg shut his Chevy down after seeing the red light; coasting to a 16.1 @ 57 mph. The third pair of gassers to approach the starting line were Clayt Deming (11.15 dial) and Rob Carson (10.44 dial). There would be about three quarters of a second difference from when Clayt left the line to when Rob could jump on it. As the yellows blinked off, Clayt was just a little too anxious, and he lit the red bulb (-.023); giving the race to Rob. In losing, Clayt ran an 11.19 @ 117 mph; and to make matters worse for Clayt; Rob ran under his number with a 10.42 and a 9 @ 126 mph. The final two cars had Steve Vallieres ’55 Chevy (9.93 dial) versus Tommy Magers ’37 Ford (10.60 dial). Tommy did not have a very good reaction time with his .276 light; but Steve was not much better with his .209 light. Down track, we saw the win light point to Tommy’s lane; and he recorded a 10.80 @ 109 mph; versus Steve’s 10.26 @ 137 mph. In looking at Tommy’s speed, I think he had Steve covered and he got out of it at the finish line. The first solo round of the race belonged to our old friend, David Grubb. David dialed a 9.64 for his beautiful green ’41 Willys coupe. Well, Grubby lit the red bulb with his -0.107 light; but he ran it out the back door; with a 9.61 @ 136 mph. The field has been reduced to only five cars. Let’s see what the next round of racing has in store.


As was the case in the previous round, someone would be awarded a bye run for this round; but first we’ve got two pair of cars that will face off against each other. It was now almost 6 PM; and the sun was quickly sinking. Our first pair of gassers found Steve Tanzella (10.12 dial) against Rob Carson (10.41 dial). Both drivers moved their Chevy sedans toward the starting line and when the starter activated the tree, Rob left too early, recording a -0.020 red; and when Steve got the green signal; he also went red with a -0.019 reaction time. Two drivers left the starting line with reaction times that were only one thousandth of a second apart. Steve pulled out another one; running on his number with a 10.12 and a 7 @ 130 mph; versus Rob’s 10.46 @ 126 mph. The other pair in this round found Tommy Magers facing off against David Grubb.

Both of these cars are painted a shade of green that just makes the cars look elegant; and Tommy’s car also has his family name and the “Distresser” label covered in gold leaf. Both cars looked great approaching the starting line under the track lighting. Tommy dialed a 10.60 and Grubby a 9.59. When Tommy’s lane went green; he cut a .132 light; but David’s .074 was much better. As the cars moved down the track; we figured it would be anyone’s race; and at the stripe, Grubby took the win; running under his number with a 9.58 and a 7 @ 136 mph; but Tommy ran deeper under his dial with a 10.54 and a 4 @ 125 mph. Grubby would move onto the final. The free pass bye run went to Pete Boyer by virtue of the previous round’s reaction time. Pete put up a 11.23 on the window glass of his “Untouchable” ’39 Chevy sedan; and he ran an 11.48 @ 116 mph. The field was now down to three cars; and one of these drivers would get a bye run.


Our three remaining cars were called into the lanes after 7 PM; and the coveted bye run went to Steve Tanzella. David Grubb and Pete Boyer had been awarded bye runs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds respectively; so, Steve would get the solo shot in this round. As Karen and I stood in the staging lanes; we saw Steve move into the lanes; and he was later followed by Pete; but we did not see Grubby’s Willys. Wondering what was going on; we got the word that Grubby could not get his car started. He and other club members worked on trying to get the big block Chevy fired; but it was not to be. Grubby relayed a message to us that he could not make it into the lanes. As a result, this fourth round of competition would now become the final for the day. Steve Tanzella has been running very consistently all day and Pete was also running very well. Looking at the window on Steve’s ’56 Chevy we saw another 10.12 dial and Pete put up a 11.23 on the window of his beautiful ’39 Chevy sedan. Pete would leave a full second before Steve could get after it. It was now night time here at the track as both cars moved into the water boxes and cleaned off their slicks. One thing about night racing is the Christmas tree. Each bulb on the tree seems to glow with a brilliance that you can’t see during the daytime. As both guys staged their cars, we knew this word be a race of two veteran drag racers. Steve and Pete have been club members for a very long time. Once completely staged, the track starter pressed the button and the tree went into its start sequence. A split second before Pete’s lane went green; he left the starting line and he fouled with a -.007 light. He was seven thousandths of a second from a perfect light; but as all of you know; red is red; and Pete handed the win over to Steve. In losing, Pete ran an 11.24 @ 117 mph; an almost perfect run; considering his 11.23 dial. Steve, on the other hand, ran under his number with a 10.08 and a 6 @ 131 mph. We’ve all heard that, “When it’s your day, it’s your day”. Not only was today Steve’s day; but yesterday was also his day.. Congratulations to Steve Tanzella on some great driving during both days of racing here at Lebanon Valley. I don’t recall ever having a driver running the field on a weekend of racing. I think Steve will be smiling for a long, long time. Pete also had a great day; moving through the field of cars; placing himself in a position to run for the win. We had a wonderful weekend of racing at our only appearance here in eastern New York for the Dover Reunion.

Dino Lawrence, who is the promoter for this event; has announced that he is going to make this a 3 day event next year. We’ll have to see how that will play out for our club. Also, I emailed Grubby about the starting issues he has been plagued with for the last two races. As it turns out, the electrical gremlins that Dave has been chasing were not related to the battery or the charging system. David found the starter drive clearance caused the unit to bind when voltage was applied to it and it was hot. Should be an easy fix for Dave; and we hope to see him at our next race. We left the track just after 8 PM; and Karen and I both felt that we had a great turnout and we witnessed some great nostalgia drag racing. For anyone who has not attended the Dover Reunion; we hope that you try and make the event next year. You will not be disappointed!! We’ll see you at Beaver Springs!

We want to thank Diane Deming for some great pictures of our event and Miss Karen too. Their photos help everyone experience what happens at the track.














































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