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East Coast Gassers 2016 Rules

The following rules were drafted with the idea that the East Coast Gassers is a true nostalgia gassers association. Its intent, is that all cars in competition, closely resemble the outward appearance of the gas cars that competed from the 50s through the early 70s. Anything that makes a competitor's car appear like a "bracket car", will not be allowed; and the car will be disqualified from participating in this association. Any decisions by the Tech Committee regarding appearance issues are final. But most importantly, our association is all about putting on a good show and having fun.

1. All cars must meet (NHRA - IHRA) safety requirements for the host drag strip.

2. Trans brakes and/or line locks are allowed.

3. Any ignition system is allowed.

4. Any rear suspension is allowed.

5. Straight front axles are encouraged; but independent front ends are allowed.

6. Any braking system is allowed as long as it meets all safety standards.

7. No data recorders are allowed and may NOT be installed in the car.

8. No delay boxes are allowed and may NOT be installed in the car.

9. No air shifters are allowed and may NOT be installed in the car.

10. Rev limiters are allowed only to protect the engine. They cannot be used to control the cars launch. If a car has a two-step box installed, the low side chip must be removed. Non-adjustable, mechanical throttle stops may be used; but cannot be controlled while the car is in motion. They must be permanently installed under the gas pedal or on the throttle linkage only.

11. Any steel or aluminum heads are allowed.

12. Superchargers are limited to 6:71 roots-type only.

13. Any intake and carb combination or mechanical fuel injection allowed. NO ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION WILL BE ALLOWED

14. Only gas and alcohol are allowed as fuel - NO nitromethane. Nitrous oxide is not permitted. If it is installed in the car, both the bottle and solenoids must be removed from the vehicle, not merely disconnected.

15. No modern-looking snorkel scoops or aero wings are allowed.

16. All cars must run with open headers. No flowmaster or other muffler types allowed. Any exceptions are subject to the approval of the tech committee.

17. Period correct wheels only (i.e. steelies, Cragars, Halibrand). Absolutely no "modern" billet style wheels allowed.

18. All cars must have a period correct paint scheme or primer. No wild, modern graphics will be allowed.

19. All cars in competition should be permanently lettered with a minimum of the car number and class designation (AA/GS, A/G, B/G etc.) and a "nickname" or other name designation. Vinyl or paint lettering is allowed.

20. The ECG club logo must be displayed on both sides of all cars in competition. In addition, all sponsor logos must be displayed on both sides of the vehicles in order to be eligible for any cash, merchandise awards or points at any official ECG Points Series events.

21. While the ECG has no firm model year cutoff, all model years and body types must be PRIOR APPROVED at the time a person applies for a racing membership. This rule does not apply to applications for those who do not intend to race their vehicle.

22. All gassers must dial in at 12.99 or quicker, except 4, 6 and flathead V-8 engined cars.

23. All races are run on a full .500 tree and on a dial-your-own basis; with a first-round ladder established by the host track; based on reaction time (R/T) in time trials. First round bye runs; if any, will go to the best R/T in time trials. Subsequent round bye runs will go to the best R/T in the prior round. To avoid more than one bye run in any round, the Race Director will adjust the ladder. Lane choice in all rounds will be decided by mutual agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, lane choice will be decided by a coin flip. Only ECG members will be allowed to accumulate points toward the club points championship. Although, a club member may permit a non-member to drive their car at any of our events; that person will not be able to acquire points for the car owner or the car. If the non-member places in the money for that race, they will not receive any portion of the race purse. The purse will be adjusted down the finishing order by the race director. The points that person would have earned will be eliminated. ONLY CLUB MEMBERS WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR POINTS AND REWARDS. The points go to the driver and not the car.


24. All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Tech Committee. The ECG reserves the right to refuse or expel any person or persons for conduct detrimental to the club's goal of racing and having fun.

25. Our cutoff year for race cars, is 1968.



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